“Anne loves what she does, and therefore made it really easy for me to enjoy and want to learn Swedish massage. For me it is really important to have a teacher who is passionate about what they do and who is excited to see others enter their profession and desires for them to be GREAT at what they do. I enjoyed pretty much everything about this course.”

“Anne always gave us the opportunity to ask questions and took the time to provide us with demonstrations if we needed it.”

“Anne was very instructive and focused. She was always smiling and showed excitement for each class. She gave a perfect amount of information each day and always included a discussion after the introduction of a new technique. She encouraged student participation.”

“I cant say enough about how much I enjoyed Anne’s teaching. I don’t think we could have asked for a better instructor for our first foray into the world of massage. I appreciated the way she combined patience with firmness. She was inspiring!!”

“I really enjoyed what Anne brought to the classroom. She changed my way of how a massage is given. It really is a healing art.”

Massage close-up