Anne teaching group

As a teacher, I draw on my working experience to give efficient tools that students can immediately use in their work, realizing that the clientele of today is a lot more demanding, experienced and informed than the one I encountered when I finished school over 20 years ago.

I pay great attention to details, communication and professionalism while leaving room for intuition and style development. I, of course, leave ample time for practice as well.

I teach the following modalities:

Swedish massage:

Deep Tissue:

Deep Flow:

Deep FlowI am teaching this approach of bodywork since July of 2013.  Deep Flow has become my main approach to bodywork.  Deep Flow gives me an understanding of our role as bodyworkers which is to help support our clients in achieving an overall well being and I am very excited to be sharing this technique.
Deep Flow is an alignment-based approach to deep tissue massage dedicated to the continuing evolution of the human mind and body
– Mylène Bergeron (creator of Deep Flow)

Deep Flow Foundation

Deep Flow In Motion

  • Dates in fall 2022

For more information regarding Deep Flow, please visit the website.

Hosting a Class:

Do you want to host a training in your facility? Do you want to host a class? Please contact me for details and availability.

Private Tutoring:

Private tutoring available in Swedish massage, deep tissue, Deep Flow and spa techniques (In Nantes or your location) .

For more info, please use my contact page.