Spa ConsultingAs a consultant, I bring over 10 years of experience as a manager and therapist in a very busy spa.

I believe that a successful spa depends on the quality of its staff, not just as therapists, but also as hosts and hostesses who understand the business, the clientele and their needs in a spa environment. The open mindedness of the management and a sense of creativity are also important assets since therapists are not your typical 9 to 5 kind of workers.

Proper training, communication, accountability, hygiene, adapted working conditions, a sense of humor and respect – these are key components of that success.


I can help you with:

  • Design: Review your blueprints to insure proper flow
  • Hiring: Defining who the right fit is for your team
  • Training: Facilitating the transition from school to working environment
  • Quality control: Secret shopper
  • Scheduling: Using a flexible schedule adapted to your needs and the independence of the therapists
  • Staff retention: Staff turnover is time consuming and expensive — how to avoid it.

For more info or to hire me, please get in touch by using my Contact page.